Best Shopify Applications in 2020

Setting up an e-commerce business is a tedious task, and it requires different steps and procedures that need to come together for a successful e-commerce venture. Online shopping has become a necessity and convenience for both customers and sellers. Shopify is a great tool to set up your e-commerce business. It offers you different services like creating websites, access to an admin panel, and access to their shopping cart solutions. Shopify offers various powerful applications that can help you in monetizing your store.

This article will mention the five best Shopify applications or tools you can use in 2020:


Seguno helps you in implementing online marketing and email marketing for your online store. With Seguno, you can send welcome emails and thank you emails to your customers and generate trust among your customers.

Features of Seguno:

  • It helps you in automating the email marketing process with robust technologies.
  • Seguno is integrated with Shopify admin and mobile application.
  • You can leverage discount codes to your customers via personalized emails.
  • With Seguno, you can recommend products to your customers in a dynamic way.
  • You can target customer groups by sending personalized content as per your Shopify data.
  • Seguno is integrated with Shopify marketing reports in which you can see the conversion details and data related to your newsletters.

Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO application helps you in fixing your SEO issues and improve your store rankings. Plug in SEO is an all in one power tool that enables you to fix and optimize SEO issues and drive organic traffic to your online store.

Features of Plug in SEO

  • The Plug in SEO sends email alerts when there is an SEO problem.
  • It gives free instructions to fix your SEO issues, including code snippets.
  • It enables you to check, fix, and optimize your SEO to drive organic traffic.


Oberlo helps you in finding the right products, add them to your Shopify store and ship them to your consumers directly. You can connect Oberlo to Shopify and import your selected products in your store.

Features of Oberlo:

  • It enables you to select from millions of products and different niches like men’s fashion, women’s fashion, home décor, sports, beauty, etc.
  • With Oberlo, you can discover sales trends for the last six months and track your competitor.
  • It enables your suppliers to ship products directly to your consumers.
  • You can add products from AliExpress with a few clicks.


Smile helps you in maximizing consumer acquisition through referral marketing. With Smile, you can engage your consumers and drive more sales with increased rewards and status.

Features of Smile:

  • Smile offers an intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Smile enables you to manage your members and make changes to how you reward them.
  • You can check the referral results through Smile analytics.


“Kit” is an all in one tool for your marketing needs. “Kit” is a proactive, robust AI assistant that helps you in executing your marketing campaigns.

Features of Kit:

  • With “Kit,” you can set up dynamic Facebook ads and retarget your shoppers.
  • “Kit” enables you to send personalized thank you emails to generate more trust.
  • You can build lookalike audiences for better targeting.
  • You can create sales-oriented Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • You can create and promote discount codes for your consumers.
  • With “Kit,” you can quickly generate reports to know insights on sales and marketing.


Shopify is a great versatile tool with great functionality that helps you boost your sales, retain your customers, and build an online reputation. As mentioned above, the applications can be beneficial if you are looking for some add-ons for your online store.

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